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What to Expect When Your Expecting

Applicants approved to adopt a Tip of the Shore Labradoodle puppy will receive detailed weekly updates regarding their puppy beginning the day it is born. Below you will find the basic milestones that puppies reach each week until they leave TOTSL for their forever homes.


Tip of the Shore Labradoodles welcomes each litter enthusiastically into the world and immediately gives them names of character. Expectant families receive a birth announcement letting them know of the birth, how the mother is attending to her pups, and the overall wellness of the newborns.




Within the first seven days, it is visually apparent the pups are growing and gaining weight daily due to constant nursing. Pups are monitored as they are weighed each day. At this crucial time, mother wants to be with them 24/7 and only leaves for short breaks to go potty. Mama Jackie sleeps with the brood each night just to insure all is well. When she is confident mother is comfortable in about a week to ten days, Jackie transitions to utilizing a baby monitor.

Though not able to walk yet, the pups creep around the box in search of their mother when they aren't sleeping or nursing. Their eyes and ears are not physiologically developed yet but their sense of smell is quite acute providing them the skill to find mother.

Within the first week, the pigment of their noses and feet pads begins to change from pink to its permanent color.



Eye sockets are developing and pups begin to open their eyes. Once vision is formulated for the pups to progress from visualizing shadows to focusing, the pups begin to toddle about and initiate play with one another.

Tip of the Shore focuses on making sure the mother eats large quantities of kibble and cooked meat several times per day to keep her milk supply replenished as she is vigorously nursing.

The pups receive their first dose of worming medicine at their two week birthday.



Pups are now practicing walking and balancing which is an exhausting endeavor. The puppies will stay awake longer then a few minutes at a time, while also becoming vocal, making trilling, chirping and chortling noises. Hearing has begun. Teeth can be felt below the gum line.

Toys are introduced and the pups learn to play with stimulus.



The puppies now have teeth and are fed organic yogurt mixed with baby rice cereal progressing to four times per day.

The pups will continue to nurse several times a day, although they will often stand to do so, as their teeth can be sharp and it is easier for mother. Nursing now becomes less vigorous and shorter in duration.

Pups are introduced to the concept of learning to go potty in an area separate from where they eat and sleep. They are rewarded with positive verbal reinforcement each time they do this. This sets the tone for potty training when pup arrives to their forever home. The general idea has been introduced and reinforced at TOTSL making it easy to continue and reinforce in pups forever home.



Pups are now socialized by spending one on one time with a TOTSL employee as well as Jackie, several times each day. The concept is to teach them to get used to the idea of being around people and away from the pack for small increments of time. During these sessions, each pup is combed and brushed, with nails trimmed. Being individually handled becomes part of their daily routine and increases confidence.

Kibble is introduced slowly into their diet and yogurt is slowly withdrawn.

Personalities really begin to shine in week five and evaluations for home placements begin.

During week five, expectant families will receive a puppy preparation packet from Tip of the Shore answering many common questions and detailing items puppy will need when home.

Families are invited to make a personal appointment on the date of their pup's pickup for a one hour session exclusively with Jackie so that all questions may be answered personally to ease the transition from TOTSL to pups new forever home.



Pups are now eating independently and drinking water from a bowl.

Pups will receive their first comprehensive vaccine and be wormed for the third time. Pups will visit TOTSL Veterinarian for a comprehensive physical exam.

Pups are now spending several hours each day in Jackies kitchen getting used to the hustle and bustle of a busy home.

Expectant families will learn which of the pups has been chosen as the newest member of their family between weeks six and seven.



The day everyone has been waiting for!! So exciting!



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