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"Ripley has settled in quit well at our house (and toy bin) and is absolutely everything we hoped for! Thank you!

Powers Family


"Lucy is doing great. I can't tell you how many people I have given your name to! She has a lot of spirit and we love her!

Deb, Jim & Adam


"Just wanted to let you know how much we adore and appreciate Rosie. We all say 'she is so nice' and 'she is so cute' many times a day. She is very well socilized and loves everyone. She's lovely. Thank you!!"

Goggin Family


"Teagan is such a love.  She is doing great. Gained a full pound since we brought her home.  She has been so wonderful for my son and he has really stepped up to take responsibility for caring for her. She's exactly what we needed and her temperament and energy level is perfect! Thank you so much!"

Danielle & Family


"Rosie is the most incredible dog, just as you said - so calm, sleeping through the night since day 1, no accidents, and an amazing personality. It doesn't hurt that she looks just like a teddy bear! We are so thrilled to have her in our family and I am happy to finally have a girl!"



"Thank you for bringing me into the world. Thank you for placing me with my family. May God bless you and your family!!! I'm forever grateful."

Winnie Marie Diamond


"Our little girl is so wonderful, kind and smart! She loves her crate. She goes in on her own when she wants a nap and she’s been sleeping in the crate great. She’s been walking great on a leash! We can’t get over how sweet and smart she is. She’s already learned sit!!"

McDonough Family


"Charlie is doing amazingly well!!! She totally has potty training down. She has had no accidents in more than 24 hours!!! She is so smart! She also slept through the night last night 11:30 to 6:30. She is amazing and incredibly sweet. We love her so much! We also took her to the vet yesterday. The vet thought she looked great! Thank you for breeding such wonderful and sweet puppies."

Patz Family


"We are so in love! He's going potty outdoors and playing so well with the kids! Thank you so much!!"

Troupe Family


"Murphy is the best- the star of our family! We meet alot of other TOTSL families on our walks and they all speak highly of your dogs, so keep up the good work! Hard to imagine life without Murphy."

Condon Family


"The love of our life. She is the most loving, gentle, snuggling dog in the world. Never makes a mistake. Everyone who meets her is instantly in love. If ever we decide on having another one we will definitely use TOTSL. She's been the easiest dog to train; she sleeps with us; and, her best friend is Finn our 20lb Maine Coon. Thanks again. Please feel free to give our name if anyone ever wants a recommendation. I remember feeling confused that you wouldn’t let us choose our puppy, thank you for that. You picked the perfect dog for our age and our living conditions. I’m sure you couldn’t have made a better choice."

Marshall Family


"Just thought I would let you know how much we love Pepper. She has a wonderful personality and she is an easy going and fun dog. I think she thinks she is one of the kids! Every morning as soon as she sees one of us coming into the kitchen she rolls over for belly rubs. She loves to cuddle and hang with the boys. Her best friend is the Corgi Tarzan next door. They have a great time romping all over the yard. She is very athletic and quite a jumper. She could have been a circus dog! She is very playful and even when she is in the yard by herself or in the kitchen she will play with her toys. We can’t say enough good things about her! Our house is hectic and loud but she rolls with our chaos. After the boys happily opened their Christmas presents this year, they said it was all great but nothing compared to getting Pepper last year. It was the best Christmas present ever! Anyways just want to say thank you and we may be back for another!"

Erin & family


"Mookie hit 10lbs late last week, we couldn’t be happier and he hopefully would tell you the same as his two sisters (and parents) love him to death and he has constant company and playmates, and he loves the backyard and snow!"

Paul & family


"Couldn't resist sharing with you that Bauer graduated from puppy kindergarten today! He is super sweet, smart and a fun puppy. Everyone just loves him!"

Traci & family


"Here's Loki gnawing the Nyla bone you gave him while snuggling his puppy. We are all enchanged with Loki and he has become more confident and self-possessed. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!"

Amy & Family


"Just wanted to send you an update regarding George! He turned one on 10/28 and is the best dog in the world! I bet you hear that often. He is a wonderful addition to the family. He has completed several levels of obedience training including K9 good citizen!! He is very smart and easy to train. His athleticism is like no other as well. We are thrilled to have him in our lives. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your animals!!"

The Sebastyn family


"Here is a great action shot of Fred playing in our backyard. He’s the best!!! Thank you so much for the newest member of our family!! When my daughter leaves for college in a few years we might just need another companion!!"

Michelle and Brett


I just discovered that TOTSL has a Facebook page. What fun! I'll start following it immediately. Lola is growing up to be a lovely girl. Sweet, energetic, and great with my two grandchildren. She's absolutely crazy about retrieving balls, especially on the beach where she runs like the wind! She still has the Froggy you sent her home with and offers it proudly as an enticement to play."




"We don’t know where to start to thank you for Marley. She has been such an awesome addition to our family. We are all totally in love with her. Words cannot express how much we appreciate how you made this happen for us. I know it’s only week one, but Sean has been going off to school in the morning‘s so much easier. He gets up every morning and sits on the kitchen floor with Marley and plays with her before school.  It puts  him in a much calmer spot to get on the bus. He kisses her goodbye every day and says” bye pretty girl, I will see you in six hours”.  I know everybody thinks their dog is special but I’m telling you this dog is completely awesome. She has been sleeping awesome at night. During the day she loves to play,  goes into her crate without any problem.  I’m telling you she is the best dog ever! Again, “thank you” does not seem enough to describe how appreciative we are for what you have done for our family."

Maureen, Mike & Sean


"We just wanted to write to you and let you know how much we adore our dog Butters! (Originally known as “Quinn”, born July 2016/Dory and Rufus) Its been a little over a year since we picked him up from you and we are so grateful to call him our puppy son! Everyday we are so surprised with how smart, funny and lovable he is. Butters is such a little character and loves to do everything with us (play fetch, swim, hike and is so eager to learn new things) I even take him to work with me sometimes. Butters has been an absolutely perfect fit. You did an amazing job at selecting him for us! Thank you so so much! We can't imagine life without him :)"

Raquel & Ryan


I thought you would like to see Rowan with his family. This was taken a few weeks ago. We have moved and it's been hectic but as you said he doesn't care as long as he is with us. And he is!  We all love him so much and he loves us back. He's a good boy and very smart!!  He still nips and chews but he's a puppy. He gets a long with other dogs and he loves the attention when we walk. Everyone stops to pat him and talk to him.  My husband said he's the George Clooney of dogs!!! Thank you for this gift. We are so happy.

Abby & family


"We adore Penny. There really couldn't be a more perfect dog! She's so incredibly smart and such a love! She loves to cuddle with all of us and sleeps with the kids at night. She's just as happy to hang out at home as she is to go for 3 miles walks. Yet remarkably she's never off the wall on days when we can only do short walks. I'm still taking her to training classes and at some point we'll start the therapy dog program. She charms everyone we meet and people always ask wehre we got her because everyone wants a dog like Penny. So thank you for giving us the best gift we could ever have wished for: pure joy!"

~ Amy & Family


"Wanted to send along this picture of Gatsby, as he approaches his 2nd birthday. He loves the outside and lays in the yard sunning himself for hours. His most favorite thing is swimming in the pool. He swims around dragging his ball. He runs the house but he is so sweet and loving. He's healthy and happy. So glad he's part of our family.!"

~ Kathi & Family


"It was two years ago that Nico and I drove to Duxbury to pick up Vita and I just need to say: THANK YOU! They are the BEST dogs EVER!"

~ Micki


"Fifa is doing fantastic! We couldn't be more thrilled with a puppy! She is such a sweet girl! She has been sleeping threw the night, better than any of our kids ever did! Most nights 11-6!  She's doing fine with potty, as long as we stay on top of it ;). We can tell she's definitely feeling comfortable - she started to whine a bit yesterday in her crate for the first time and she barked today....at a water bowl outside that she dumped over!!! We are head over heels in love with her! Thank you for all you did for us and to start her out so lovingly!

~ Jessica & Co"


""I can't believe that it's been one full week with Fozzie Bear! I really don't know how I've lasted so long without a dog in my life! He is a wonderful companion! We've spent the past week getting into our daily routine, learning the rules, playing, and Fozzie has been doing plenty of napping! He is adjusting very well to the crate and sleeps all night. I have left the house for short trips and have tape recorded Fozzie to see how he handles things - for the most part, it's a few whines and then silence. We have taken a few short car trips and he is getting used to traveling in his crate. Fozzie is certainly a charmer - he loves people and attracts quite a bit of attention wherever he goes! I am enjoying every second with him! One of my favorite moments of the week was when I was cutting up green beans at the kitchen counter and he simply laid down right at my feet...so much love! Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into your pups. It is beyond clear that it is a labor of intense love and care...and I am so grateful that Fozzie had such a wonderful beginning to his life. Please enjoy a photo from yesterday...Fozzie learned "sit!"

~ Elissa


"We are so grateful for the wonderful experience you enabled us to have when adopting a puppy. Anyone who has asked about our puppy now knows where to go to get an Australian labradoodle puppy of their own!

Florent has been renamed to Bode. We named him after US World Cup skier, Bode Miller. Puppy Bode is obsessed with fresh snow and loves jumping off tiny snow piles. He already knows his name and loves sprinting to us when we call him. His first puppy class was a success and even though he is a little shy, he is ahead of all the other pups. We love him so much!

Thank you for the best puppy anyone could ask for! "

~ Chris & Greer


"Just have to let you know how much we love our pup, Rosie…from your Celtic Rowan litter born August 22, 2015. You had called me when she was only 6 weeks old to let me know what a sweetheart she was, how she rolled over to have her belly rubbed every time someone came near, and she still does that. She is the most friendly, engaging dog with people that I have owned over a lifetime of dogs.  Her tail is always wagging. We started her with puppy classes immediately, and her shyness with other dogs was quickly overcome. She is so smart, and she was accelerated out of puppy to adolescent because she was learning so quickly. She goes everywhere with us, and, for a puppy just under 5 months old, she is well behaved. From her picture you will see that her rose nose and green eyes make her unique, and so pretty. She looks a lot like Celtic Rowan to me as she grows.  She is 19 pounds and is still a perfect size for our lap.

~ Lori and family


"Just have to tell you how much we LOVE Toby (yes, we kept the name!!). He is absolutely adorable in every way - loving, playful and a great disposition. We are all in love!! He’s been amazing since Day 1. Slept in his crate on top of my nightstand the first couple of nights, and has been next to our bed in the crate ever since. He goes “to bed” around 9:30 pm and wakes with us at 6-6:15.  He loves being outside, and I take him for a walk around my block (which is about .8 miles) every morning. We spend lots of time in the yard fetching balls, and he has recently started digging, which is hilarious. He’s my little shadow! Thank you so very much for breeding such a sweet little puppy."

~Sharon, Tom, Katie, Tommy & Toby


"Want to let you know that since we picked Cooper up from you on Sept 27th we have just been so happy that he is with us. Cooper has brought so much joy into our home. He spends 4 days a week at my husbands shop and the customers look forward to seeing him when they come in."





"Gatsby (aka Herman) loves playing in the yard. He loves to run, nap and cuddle at our feet.

He's been a joy. Healthy and happy. Seems like he's been with us forever. And it's only been two weeks. Thanks for entrusting him with us.

...and he is most definitely a NE Patriots fan!"

Happy Holidays,
The Cuprinski Family


"We are so grateful to Tip of the Shore for giving us this little guy! Westley came into our family at the perfect time. He was able to meet, cuddle and love on our sweet Happy, 13 year old Golden Retriever, who has since passed away. He has been a light in all of our lives and has brought us so much happiness and unconditional love with his vibrant personality. Westley is a recent graduate of Puppy Kindergarten who enjoys his walks outside, running frantically in the backyard and snuggling on the couch with his favorite toy! He also enjoys taking in all the compliments he receives from any bystander on the street! Jackie, we admire your breeding and sensitivity to placing the right dog with the right family. Your calls, updates, pictures and follow-ups have been exceptional – more than we could have imagined. From the entire Callery family, we are so thankful for this bundle of pure joy! "



"Our Gwennie on the boat in Plymouth. She absolutely loves the boat and the water! She also loves car rides, giving us kisses and making us laugh! She's doing so well at just 4 1/2 months. We can't imagine life without her. "



"Hugo is an absolute delight! He is so well behaved, sleeps in his crate at night from day one, plays, eats, is so friendly with other dogs and humans, is appropriately mischievous....we just love him so much! We can't thank you enough for giving us this little wonder!"



"Huge compliment to your breeding. Rudy and I finished up some training yesterday and the trainer asked for your company name.  She was so impressed with Rudy's demeanor and the breed that she wanted to keep it in case anyone ever needed a recommendation!  Thank you again! "



"Just wanted to let you know how much our entire family adores Bryce. She is sweet, loving, fun, patient, friendly, etc... EVERYTHING we were hoping for when we decided to add a puppy to our family".

Ellen & family



"We are so happy with little Max, he couldn't be a better puppy. He is smart, handsome, and just perfect in every way. I am so amazed at how smart he is, he is taking to crate training and house training with barely a whimper or accident. He already heels, sits, comes on command, and he is my little shadow; he follows me around the house and watches everything I do. I want to thank you for breeding such a great little guy who really is a bright bundle of joy, happiness and love in our lives. He is so funny and has a great personality. The first day he was a little timid and on his best behavior, but when he woke up after his first night here he really came out of his shell. We played and learned all day, he loves to chase toys and chew on his bone and rope, he loves his crate and doesn't mind sleeping there or going in when we have to leave the house. He is testing his height every day to see if he can jump on the sofa when he thinks we're not looking, and it is very very cute. He is an exceptional puppy, and it is very cute watching him test the boundaries of the pack and see where he fits. We both love him tremendously and are incredibly happy with him.  I still can't believe how perfectly everything worked out, but this guy was definitely meant to be our puppy! Thanks again!

Daniel, Maya, and Max


"We wanted to give you a little update on our little Murphy McRuff. He is amazing and such a good boy. He sleeps through the entire night which started from the first night we brought him home! He is also almost potty trained, with the exception of a few accidents now and again due to being totally excited about playing with his 5 siblings. He is doing awesome at puppy training and is super smart. He has brought so much joy to our lives. He is growing so fast!! Here he is admiring how handsome he is in the mirror (actually he was barking at himself.) Thank you for again for Murphy. He is amazing and we love him very much.

-Christine & family


"Here's Bubba...he weighed in at 10.9 pounds at his 12 week checkup.  He is healthy and as you can see thriving. I am stopped everywhere I go as people cannot believe how beautiful he is. They all want to know what kind of dog he is, etc. Bubba is great advertising and I am all too happy to let everyone know about you and  your wonderful dogs."



"Hazel had a great Doctor's  visit and all is well. She is by far the cutest, smartest, and most engaging little girl ever. We just adore her. Arkie continues to be a great big brother. Still dancing in the street. She loves her crate, free time, corral and just about everything and everybody! We are in heaven. Thank you again, again, and again!!"

Mary and family    


"Just wanted to thank you for giving us such a great dog. Our first week has been such a joy and neither of us know how we lasted so long without having a dog. Murphy has adapted to potty training so well. He loves his crate and has slept through the night since his first night home. Everyone who has met him has totally fallen in love with him and we just can't imagine a life without our lil guy. It's quite obvious what a difference "responsible breeding" makes in a pup, and how much love you have put into your dogs. Thank you a million more times for giving us such a great dog and turning us into a little family!"

Katie, Dennis, and Murphy   


"Greta is thriving and is now about 18lbs and seems to be gaining about a pound a week. She's incredibly smart, very loving and spunky at the same time.  Everyone is her new best friend!! People are constantly stopping to pat her, comment on her soft fur and calm personality, and ask what kind of dog she is -- and I'm only too eager to tell them about TOTSL. She has tons of dog friends too although her BFF is Izzy, the Welsh springer spaniel next door. They greet each other so eagerly and then wrestle and chase each other non-stop.  It's very sweet to watch. Greta has gone through a puppy class at the MSPCA and even though she was only 14 weeks  old when it was done, the trainer said she was ready for obedience class, so we're doing that now. She's been mostly house trained almost from day one. All of this is to say that I'm so happy with Greta and think you did such an incredible job in preparing her to be the wonderful puppy she is today. Here she is on a visit to Maine. She loves the beach and even waded into the water! Thank you so much for Greta!!"



"Here's a recent photo of Tucker!  He has had a wonderful summer, meeting our neighbors, learning to both climb up and down stairs and playing all his favorite little games, especially retrieving!  He knows all our names, plus the name of every toy he owns -- so smart!  He has the sweetest disposition, and everyone loves him, including our Veterinarian and all her Techs!  It has been a special summer sharing time with our boy. Tucker is a most special puppy."

Elsie, Bill and Andrew 


"Hunter has gained 2 lbs in less than 2 weeks! We took him to the Cape for the weekend and he had a great time. People were stopping us on the street to tell us how beautiful he is and to inquire about his breed. I cant tell you how many people said they wanted a dog just like him.. We told them to call tip of the shore!!!"

Christine and family     


"Sue ad I wanted to thank you for your selection of our pup, now named Tucker. He is doing really well, is very healthy and growing at a fast past. His disposition suits us very well as he is very friendly with everyone he comes in contact with, and the comments all focus on his sweet and calm demeanor. He has been a pleasure as we take him for daily walks in the neighborhood. He climbed Mt Blue in the Blue Hills this past weekend and absolutely loved it. We've taken him to New Hampshire camping and we climbed one of the 4k mountains in the Whites (North Twin).  He absolutely loved it, and he went to the top on his own. He was not having any interest in being carried despite the pack we took with us. I have had many dogs since boyhood, and Tucker is unique as a puppy. As I mentioned, he has such a calm disposition and incredible determination. He loves his fun too!!!"

Kevin & Sue


"Harry is the most wonderful puppy--we LOVE him and so does his 11 year-old big brother Mort!



"We can't thank you enough for Rudy. He is the best boy!! He is so good that people cannot believe he's a puppy!! He rings a bell to go out and sleeps all night!! We love him so much!

Erin and family    


"As we wrap week one with our newest family member, I just have to say THANK YOU! Tucker has exceeded our expectations in every way. He is simply awesome! He sleeps through the night, is comfortable with his crate (since first sight), loves being at my feet, in my lap, in my car. He chases down balls and returns them when we play and he has gone potty outside from day one - which I didn't expect at anytime in the near future! Plus he sits 75% of the time I ask. He's just a dream, as he adapts beautifully to any situation. Oh, and our neighbors asked for your information when they met Tucker.  He's an ambassador for TOTSL in our town!

Kimberly and family    


"Here is Seamus standing at the pantry door waiting for me to notice him and give him a treat. I get so many compliments on him and am always asked where we got him, so I have given your name to lots of people! He is the best. He is the most loving dog, and has made our family complete.  His favorite activity is to play catch, he will do it for hours.  He also loves to steal slippers and run off and hide with them. He will lie on top of them so we can’t find them. It's very cute and so much fun. Thank you again for bringing Seamus into our lives, we love him to bits!"




"A puppy in winter would ordinarily be a piece of cake here in Maryland, but surprisingly Weather Bug has listed this winter in Baltimore as colder than more northern cities on most days. Thankfully our sweet Dory takes Polar Freezes, snow, sleet, ice and howling winds the same as sunny days; whereas she makes a bee line to the door when she hears a howling dog. At the first snowfall, Dory's initial cautious curiosity quickly turned into frolicking exhilaration!  When she goes upstairs to our bedroom, she is ready to go right into her crate ...with her red blanket, hedgehog and Nylabone gifts from you:)  She has never soiled her crate.  She loves every person she meets, but is a bit more selective with her dog friends in that she prefers seasoned dogs to big rascally newbie pups. She loves to run on the school fields near our home with her dog friends. Our vet said Dory is a trim, healthy 14 lbs 9 oz at 15 weeks 4 days!  We are happy to announce that Dory is a graduate of her Puppy Basics class, is a licensed dog citizen of Baltimore City, and is a Tip of the Shore Labradoodle goodwill ambassador! Thank you so much for lovingly nurturing our Dory and the many generations of her ancestral pack.  Dory is an awesome dog!!"

Kathy and Ralph       


"Our Annabelle, 'Tarah' became an immediate total member of our family. She is almost always with us in the car as we run errands. This pup is the smartest and happiest we have ever had. Tomorrow she will graduate from her second class at Joseph's obedience school. He says she really has attitude and a mind of her own, but she does follow commands when she is ready. Of particular note she has a wonderful disposition towards all adults and children. To date she is 28.5 lbs of delightful energy.  At Joseph's play day she runs at full speed for at least an hour and gets along with all other dogs. She also goes to play regularly with our daughter's older lab. She has tons of toys and we have not lost a shoe, rug or piece of furniture. In all of our years of dogs, this is a first. Two of our grand children's father died last spring. This puppy has given them so much joy during these last few months. Needless to say she was a perfect choice."

John & Sandy          


"My Sully is truly THE BEST DOG EVER! I have taken Sully with me everywhere since the day you put him in my arms!  He is so happy to be on the go that if we are still home after 10:30 am, he begins to get itchy and stands by the door to go out!!! Honestly, he is extremely smart!! Of course I talk to him all the time and he just looks at me like he understands every word I say!! He goes to doctor's appointments with me, bank, drive-up sandwhich shop, etc. Everyone asks for him by name!! At the yarn shop, he has own water bowl, toys and small bed in the corner of the shop!! I am clearly now known as 'Sully's Mom'!!!"     


"I just wanted to write to you on my first birthday! I've had a great year here at my forever home. I've had a busy year full of firsts. My family has taken me skiing, camping, swimming in the lake, and along the way I've met lots of fun people and dog friends! I can't wait for my first Christmas with my family! I am a very lovable, cuddly dog who loves to play and meet new dogs and people. The boys in my house love me to death and cannot believe how lucky they are to have me in their life. Jackie, I had them take this picture of me so everyone can see my happy face!"                           

Murphy (a.k.a. Jacob) son of Bitsy and Archie


"I just had to share this picture of Lucy with you. As you can see, she is really beautiful. Billy thinks she looks a lot like Bitsy. She is a selight - very outgoing personality, loves other dogs and people - she is everything we could have wished for in a dog.  Lucy has been having play dates with Mitchell who lives down the street. They have opposite personalities but have lots of fun playing together. Our younger son moved back from California and is looking for a job in NY.  He doesn't know if he can leave Lucy! "



"We could not be happier w/Ruby!! She is an awesome dog and was so worth the wait for us. Our union was definitely meant to be! She is a wonderful puppy, a true friend and companion. She loves to be with us and loves to please (and LOVES to have her belly rubbed!). We’ve been to 3 puppy kindergarten classes and she is the class star! During the hot stretch a few weeks ago, I bought her a kiddie pool and she loved hopping in! She enjoys running on the beach and along the river. She loves people. We had PET STOP come this week and reactivate our electric fence for the yard and she was a quick learner there. Karl, the Pet Stop guy, took one look at her and knew she was from Duxbury! You’re famous for your dogs! I don’t have a recent photo to send, but she is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen.  At the vet today, she was getting so much attention from the other dog owners I felt bad for the other dogs!"



"Thank you so much for giving us the most memorable Christmas ever! Our 9 year old son Ryan was overjoyed when he we surprised him with a puppy Christmas morning, thanks to you! We are so grateful to have found you and have the most amazing dog because of you! From the moment we meet you on our very first visit to your home we knew you were the breeder for us! The love and devotion you put into your dogs was apparent to us right away. It is obvious you are a true expert in what you do and guided us through the process with such amazing weekly updates and were always only a phone call away! Our puppy has been a joy to the entire family and was so much more then we could have ever asked for. I can not imagine buying another dog from anyone but you and have nothing but raving revues and sincere gratitude for all you do!"

Dave, Tara & Ryan       


"We wanted you to know how much we love our Huck. He is the smartest dog in the world, and we love him so. He comes in and out of the house when you call him for 'Treats' or better yet 'Millo's Meatballs'. On command, he lies down, sits, puts head down, jumps up (his favorite), barks, and wakes the kids up -- gives ear kisses. He lets me know when he needs to go out by following me around the house and giving me 'the look'. What a great decision we made to get a tip of the shore labradoodle. He is such a happy dog and has so much personality."

Rebecca & Family       


"Piper is great. She started sleeping through the night in her crate after 3 or 4 nights. She saw the vet and trainer her first two days home and has now met a few of the neighborhood dogs and lots and lots of people friends. We’re doing a puppy Kindergarten class, but Piper has already learned sit, she waits somewhat patiently while I clean her paws after each walk and Ryan has taught her to 'shake.' She is growing so fast!  Thanks for all your love and care and getting Piper off to a great start."



"We love our puppy Leo! We are so grateful for our new family member. Leo is so loving and playful. He happily greets every member of the family and is always calm when new people arrive. He has been very easy to potty train and has quickly learned to come, sit, stay and walk on a leash at only 14 weeks! Leo LOVES to be outside, whether it's taking a walk, taking a nap, playing fetch or just sitting in his favorite bush! We can't say enough good things about our experience with Tip of the Shore Labradoodles. Jackie is extremely responsive to any questions both before and after you get your puppy always giving helpful and useful advice. "



"We are thoroughly enjoying our wonderful new addition to our family. Findley has grown so much since he has been home. It is amazing to witness all the changes that he has gone through. He is a very social dog and loves to play with other dogs. You picked a perfect dog for us- loves to be outside playing with the kids, sleeps through the night and is very loving. He just finished all his shots (thank goodness) so hopefully we will not be visiting the vet anytime soon. He has brought such great joy into our family and we will be forever grateful. I have referred my friends who have fallen in love with Findley. We see his ½ brother Willy often and his BFF lives right next door."



"The last 8 months with Tessie (who will be one 11/27) has been nothing short of a blast! She is such a good puppy! We love her to pieces! She went to puppy school and will shortly be going back to another session to keep her busy! We recently moved to a house with a nice fenced in backyard for her to run and play in! She is in love with it and has adapted well to the change! She also is our little watch dog and spends hours sitting on the arm of the couch watching out the windows at the neighborhood cats and squirrels! She is full of energy which is exhausting at times, but we wouldn't change it for the world! She is about 18lbs and is pretty tall! Everyone always comments on her long legs! She is a ham and loves having her picture taken!"

Kendra & Jeff     


"Scrabble's home. The grandkids came over to see him and Scrabble loved them. He is fabulous. Getting to know you has been a major benefit of having our pup. Losing our lab boys was very sad and my heart was empty without them.....this is in a way a rebirth for us! Thank you for all you have done for us and for Scrabble. This experience has been truly amazing for us. I consider having one of your pups a privilege. You have made these eight weeks a wonderful journey (to quote you). As you know our dogs mean so much to us. We care for them as we did our children (better they say), therefore choosing the right breeder and puppy was very important. We surely hit a home run! He is a very happy boy. We LOVE him. Thank you."



"I am a 46 year old woman with a wonderful husband and a 21 year old and 17 year old. Why in the world did I need a dog at this point of my life? I could be travelling, going on last minute getaways, and being free. Not what I wanted. There was a small void in my heart that I could not figure out. I needed something to love and take care of-----that is when Jackie from Tip of the Shore came into my life. After our family visit with her and her dogs, we waited a few months to finally pick up the dog. Each week, however, Jackie called and sent newsletters updating us on the puppies and their mom. The newsletters were filled with pictures that allowed us to see every stage of the puppies first eight weeks of life. Shayna came into our life on July 21. What a truly awesome dog from the beginning. She is absolutely beautiful and has the greatest temperament you could dream of. Sleeps in her crate all night from day one. Sits and gave paw in the first week. I love her more than words can say. She is not only wonderful with us, but with all that have entered our home! Cheers to you Jackie and Tip of the Shore for the greatest dog in the entire world!



"Chloe is the most wonderful, sweet, perfect puppy we could have ever gotten. She is the center of our family. I took her to the vet today and she weighed 13.5 lbs. She is so healthy and has the best personality. She never barks! So I just want to thank you, thank you, thank you, for such a perfect puppy.



"Jimmer is such a good boy, he rarely barks and loves to be loved and played with. He has lots of friends in the hood and is friendly with every dog. He has tons of confidence and is as sweet as can be. He's a favorite in obedience class and eats like a champ (probably) too fast. He's potty trained and slept through the night on day 2. He doesn't budge until I take him out of the crate. Everyone in town loves him and he gets a ton of attention. Jackie, well done, you breed wonderful pups! !



"We wanted to let you know what an amazing puppy Chewie is. From the moment we got in the car to leave your house, he was a member of the family. He is healthy, smart, intuitive, loyal, playful, and quite good-looking. He is a perfect companion to our three boys. Every night he "puts them to bed" by spending a little time in each of their rooms. Chewie is such a hit that he inspired his first school project. Our third grader has done a research project on labradoodles! "



"Bailey is doing great. She had her recheck at the vet yesterday. She weighs 10 pounds now! She is such a good dog! Everyone who meets her loves her. I don’t consider my Mom a pet person, but she loves Bailey. And Bailey loves my Dad who had a stroke 20 years ago and has some trouble talking. (Last time after they watched Bailey & the kids, he asked if she missed him!) And get this – my 87 year old Grandmother said she would watch her anytime too! Bailey is so good when people visit us that people fall in love with her. My niece who is 5 counted the days until Easter at my house and cries when she leaves my house. Bailey has won over my whole family! She is my little buddy when I work from home, follows me everywhere. Thanks for giving us such a great dog."



"Thank you for providing me and my family with the greatest dog in the world!! Luna has been a pleasure since the day we picked her up and so easy to train. She has brought so much pleasure to our family and I consider her my very best friend!  We love her and include her in everything we do."



"Darwin the Doodle continues to be a love! We have him in puppy kindergarten, and his eager-to-please sweet temper has made him the demonstration dog. He is also as cute as can be — taking him out for a walk yesterday, I was immediately stopped by someone who wanted to take his picture on her cell phone. We have a family tradition of saying something we are thankful for every night before supper, and every night, the girls say they are thankful for Darwin! He really is the perfect dog for our family."



"Liesel is doing great!  We are having so much fun with her and she is such a good girl!  She is doing great with house training, and just such a nice and fun personality. She doesn't get ruffled by much, has really enjoyed meeting all the people who have come to see her, and when she's tired she's starting to walk into her crate of her own accord just to rest. Thanks again for all you did to get her started -- we know so much of her confidence and socialization came from you. We just love her to pieces!"

Laurie, Pete, children & Liesel


"Riley is doing fabulous! People absolutely adore her and she loves meeting them as well. She is already doing very well on the potty training and is standing by the back door to let us know she needs to go. After some training she now sits, stays, lies down, and plays fetch. She is the perfect dog for us and as you said she is a companion dog. All Riley wants to do is be with a playmate or at least someone to use as a pillow. Thanks so much for allowing us to have the best dog ever."

Olivia (and Riley... woof!)


"Our Cricket is a remarkable dog! Thank you for bringing her into our lives. She has brought a new energy into our family with her sweet, playful disposition. We are all having a blast. Alex is so happy to finally have her puppy and is very much in love. She handles many of the feeding & walks on her own and loves to play with her and show her off to friends. Alex is not the only one to have totally fallen for this darling dog. Not sure who is more smitten with Cricket – Rick or me.  Rick calls several times a day when at work to check on her and she frequently jumps in his lap when he comes home. I feel like a new Mom again and love to cuddle & play with her. I have to catch myself if I’m bragging too much about my sweet, sweet puppy. Did I mention that Cricket is gifted? Oh yes. She is. We’ve been having her little paw ring the bell on the door before going out since day one. We were shocked when at least 3-4 times in the last week, she rang the bell by herself and she got down to business immediately after we took her out! Rick has taught her to sit, lie down, high five, and come and she definitely knows her name. As I said… gifted. Life is good with Cricket."

Pam, Rick, Alex & Cricket


"We've had Cody in our lives for two and a half weeks and we are loving him!  Cody is the most mild mannered of all the puppies in his class and played well with all the puppies and had a great time. Cody does really well at night, he quietly sleeps in the crate all night and he has had NO accidents in his crate! We are doing really well. Cody is wonderful and we'll probably be a repeat customer perhaps next year to get a friend for Cody."



" I love this dog!!! Johnny Cash is so smart and fun. We built him his own little pen in the back yard and he's mastered going to the bathroom there and only there. He fits right in with our family. The kids love him so much! Benicio has taken on a lot of responsibility with Johnny Cash. He walks him and he stays right by his side. He sits on Benicio's lap in the car and sometimes they fall asleep together. Their bond is already very strong. Johnny Cash has been very therapeutic for him. He loves the water, we've been to the beach a few times with him. He's been eating very well......and growing quickly! You were right, everyone loves him, especially our family. He's been my little buddy too. When the kids go to bed, we play around for a while until he gets tired and lies down in his spot in front of the fireplace. He likes it there because the marble floor is nice and cool. Benicio gave him a mini soccer ball that he loves- he's learned how to fetch it and bring it back. I could go on but I just wanted to let you know how much we love him and what a beautiful dog he is- both in looks and personality."



"We love our wonderful dog Rudy (Moxie & Rembrandt's pup). Our son has been having horrible nightmares about Monsters for weeks and getting up at night and turning on every light in our house! We decided to let Rudy sleep with him thinking it might help if he was there with him. On the first night Alex didn't get up once...RUDY SAVED THE DAY!  He has brought so much joy to our house...watching him snuggle on the couch with the kids...he is such a great dog. We couldn't have asked for a better pet. Thank you for holding onto him for us. We couldn't be happier."

 Colleen & Family


"Just a quick note to tell you Lily met her sister, Lexx, this morning!! We're back from Maine where she had a great summer and is adjusting to 'city life' on a leash. She's 16 pounds now and as you said will be on the shy side we think of 25. We love having her and thank you again for launching us!"

Debbie and John


"I am beside myself in love with this boy! We went to the vet today and they were quite impressed with Tip of the Shore and Finn. He is a healthy happy pup. Thanks for the great start. I am eternally grateful for the treasure you have given our family."                           



"I wanted to send you a note to say hi and let you know that our boy Otis is fabulous. Words can’t describe how much we love him. Thank you for such a great gift. Not a day goes by without the kids hugging and telling him that he is 'the best dog EVER.' He is just awesome. He has a great personality – very funny and playful. Don’t be surprised if you get another message from me in the spring about being put on a list for a sister for Otis."



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